You saucy leetle beech (dead_kitty) wrote in unique_apple,
You saucy leetle beech

The Poetry Brothel on Valentine’s Day

Yes, on that fateful day of all days I’ll be performing at The Poetry Brothel in a stylish and rockin’ gallery in Soho. Me and all the other poetry “whores” will give theaterical public performances of our work and be your “private” poetry dancer for a small fee. There will be drama and psychics and painters. And poetry. Some live music. Women pretending to be other women trying to be “hookers.” Play-acting and verse. Bad makeup and worse fishnet.

It’s a fund raiser for the Philip Levine Poetry Prize and it runs from 6PM to 12AM.
Here’s the address:

Jonathan Shorr Gallery in Soho (109 Crosby St. @ Prince) (close to the N/R/W stop, or the 6)
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