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Indie Rock Show!

Hi guys,
I'm new here but I joined because I have an event that I think fits perfectly for posting.

If anyone is a fan of indie music or a good live show, this is worth checking out.

Zigmat @ Soutpaw
125 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Show starts at 8PM
$10 at the door

Also featuring:
The Press
Courtesy Tier

"Brooklyn's Zigmat plays punky songs spiked with electronics; occasionally, singer Monica Rodriguez switches to Spanish. The international flavor is part Yeah Yeah Yeahs, part Brazilian Girls." - Time Out Magazine

"...this girl-fronted act reveals how much they've grown as they've merged the atmospherics of Air and Goldfrapp with a rich, dark electronic snarl." - Adam P. Newton, Dryvetyme Online

If you don't live near NYC, you can still check out Zigmat's music here:
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